Licensing Black Friday question

I was a grandfathered licensee of Radzen Studio that is using Radzen Blazor Studio. I would like to take advantage of your Black Friday Offer. I have two questions:

  1. Will this extend or replace my current license?
  2. WIll I continue to have access to Radzen Studio under my grandfathered status after this renewal?

Thank you very much. Love the product.

Hi @dreeddri,

As grandfathered licensee you can renew the Radzen Studio subscription for $599 and still get access to Radzen Blazor Studio (the Black Friday offer is $699). We will send you an email once the subscription reaches its end date.

To answer your questions:

This would be a new subscription and will neither extend nor replace your existing license.

No. If you purchase a Radzen Blazor Studio subscription you won't get access to Radzen Studio. Only grandfathered licenses do that.

Great! Thank you. Please send the email as I want to renew (my license ends early Dec).