Latest Version (v2.10.19) Breaking RadzenNumeric

This is more for the dev team ... your latest release is breaking your RadzenNumeric field. Specifically, when you enter a value, it defaults to the Min value after you tab out of the field.

(1) Update Nuget to latest Radzen
(2) Set Min property on RadzenNumeric field
(3) Launch app
(4) Enter a value in RadzenNumeric field and then tab out
Results: Value entered changes to Min property value.

Latest version is 2.10.19 actually

Thanks for the clarification. Yes, I meant to say v2.10.19 is breaking the RadzenNumeric control. I am using .12, which is working ... havent been able to update beyond .12.

Thanks again -- updated to reflect the correct version in question. Indeed .19 is breaking the RadzenNumeric control!

Works normally on our demo

It works on a form but when used in a teamplate field in the grid, it does not.

I might have had a caching problem. Just reinstalled and it works as designed. Thanks for looking into this! Great job and response!