Label overlaps with category axis for negative numbers

I have a chart with both positive and negative numbers. Labels for negative numbers go the left and overlap with the axis. Any way around this?

I have been able to somewhat work around this by using a red fill for negative numbers and then using the absolute value of the amount. I however can't make the data labels reflect it was a negative amount because with RadzenSeriesDataLabels I have no access to a context-based formatter.

Hi @mrentier

The way the charts calculate and render are a sort of best fit. Sometimes you have to override some of the properties to make the chart display more aesthetically.

Try setting the Minimum value of the axis to -400,000.


I ended up making the negative numbers positive and using color coding. But it wasn't that easy to figure out a value used to be negative and should thus be displayed in a different color. Quite a hack. There is an opportunity for making the charts a bit more flexible (for example carry the data context during formatting).