Iteration through an ICollection with Datagrid


I am trying to get the value of an ICollection(Include) with my Datagrid. However, the data source is passed as a parameter from another controller. I have checked and the data is being passed correctly, Although the ICollection data is passed with the IEnumerable parameter, I am having a hard time iterating through that data.
Would you be able to shed a light on how could I possibly get that to display the field that I am looking for?
Here's how I have it laid down:

public IEnumerable<TUser> GetUsers { get; set; }

<RadzenGridColumn TItem="TUser" Property="TUserRoles.Role.RoleName" > Title="Role">
        <Template Context="data">                   
                 @data.TUserRoles.AsEnumerable().Select(x => x.Role.RoleName)

And here's the result:


Hey @ldscel,

Not sure how this is related to Radzen.Blazor components. You need to convert this IEnumerable to something that can be rendered - for example coma separated string:

 @(string.Join(",", data.TUserRoles.AsEnumerable().Select(x => x.Role.RoleName)))

Well, it comes to find out that was a problem with the FK in the Models. Instead of trying to fix that, I was able to get around by using the following:

<RadzenGridColumn TItem="TUser" Property="TUserRoles" Title="Role">
                <Template Context="data">
                    @foreach(var item in data.TUserRoles)
                        @Convert.ToString(item.RoleId == 1 ? "Admin" : "User");

Hopefully, this can help someone else in the future.
Thanks for taking the time to look at it. I appreciate!