Issues with IIS on page loads

I have been having issues with The entire site/app locking up when loading a page with an SSRS report on it. Some times it loads fine and others it tanks. I think the issue revolves around how it is loading. I am building parameters for the report on page load (user, orders by user, auctionID etc) It is trying to load the report before the parameters are complete as I can see the URL being passed with Undefined parameters in Chrome. Is there a way to call a load() for an SSRS report like we do with a grid so that it does not attempt to fetch it before my URL is ready? I have another page that is very similar doing the same thing where that report is not visible on the page until all the parameters are built based on user selection.



Hi Josh,

In my opinion you can define expression for the SSRSViewer Visible property to check if required variables are initialized. There is no method load() for the viewer.

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Even when the SSRS report is not visible it is trying to call it and failing