Issue with RadzenDataGrid Frozen Columns and FilterMode.Simple and** FilterMode.SimpleWithMenu

Hi Radzen Team,

I've encountered an issue with the RadzenDataGrid component when using dynamic column freezing in combination with FilterMode.Simple or FilterMode.SimpleWithMenu. Below are the details. Example comes from : Blazor DataGrid Component - Frozen Columns | Free UI Components by Radzen.

When dynamically toggling the Frozen property of a column in the RadzenDataGrid, the grid does not render correctly if the FilterMode is set to FilterMode.Simple or FilterMode.SimpleWithMenu.

The issue is not present when FilterMode.Advanced is used.
When FilterMode.Advanced is used, the grid behaves as expected.
With FilterMode.Simple or FilterMode.SimpleWithMenu, the grid layout breaks, and the filters do not align properly after toggling the Frozen property.

I have tried forcing a grid reload using dataGrid.Reload() after toggling the Frozen property, but the issue persists.

I wasn't able to locate the issue. Interestingly, when I tried to take a screenshot with Shift + Win + S, it often fixed a issue and adjusted filter correctly n the grid. It seems that the combination of keys Shift + Win makes this effect. I hope this information helps resolve the issue.

Thank you for your assistance


Here is how to avoid this:

Thank you very much for your detailed response and assistance. I really appreciate your help in resolving this issue