Issue with LogicalFilterOperator.And while filtering with multi select RadzenDropDown


I am implementing a multiple selection filter on a data grid column which property is a list of flag IDs. For this filter I want only records which contain every flag ID selected in the drop down to be displayed. When I add multiple filters, however, I am given all records that have any of the given filters instead. This seems to be behaving how the 'Or' logical operator should. I reviewed this example, which demonstrates similar filtering to mine, but I found by changing the operator in the example that both the 'And' operator and the 'Or' operator produce the same result when selecting multiple filters on a single column. Is there a way to return only the rows that have all values selected in the filter dropdown? I would prefer to avoid creating a custom FilterOperator if possible.

This property (LogicalFilterOperator) is for the entire DataGrid (operator between column filters) not for a single column.

@enchev, that makes more sense. Thanks you!
Is a custom FilterOperator the only way to achieve the functionality I need?

Unfortunately at the moment I cannot think of any other approach. In/NotIn operators are using Except()/Intersect() methods to apply the filter:

@enchev, I have been working to apply a custom filter operator to my column instead, but upon calling my change handler the custom filter expression column parameter remains null.