Issue with formData not being completely saved when submitting data

I have a screen that is passed 2 parameters (AuctionId, and ProducerId) These are then used to set values of dropdown defaults and work on the screen. The ProducerId is also used as a filter for the Port field on the page to show only those ports of the Producer selected and works fine. When I submit the form however I am passing ${formData} of which Producer is set to the parameter but does not get sent in the submission. I have attached some screen shots to show what is going on.

Here is the page load where formData is created.

Here is the property on the page that is assigned to ${formData.Producer} and the dropdown correctly reflects the Producer parameter.

Here is where is goes bad. The Producer is not passed to the Insert statement for the submission.

How does the Submit event of the form look like? Also show us the declaration of the TemplateForm.

Make sure you are using ${formData} in the Submit event handler as shown in the data-bound TemplateForm section from the documentation.

Here is what the Submit event looks like. I am using ${formData} there.

Are those dropdown fields disabled? Does it work if you enable them?

As a quick fix you can assign the Producer again during the Submit event. Set the Value of the Bid parameter to

Object.assign({}, ${formData}, { Producer: ${parameters.ProducerId} })