Issue in IDE with RadioButtonList and KeyValuePair

I have a RadioButtonList that I'm getting the following error when it renders in the IDE:

Properties of the RadioButtonList:

And the KeyValuePair setup like:

Is there something amiss? Project builds and it's rendered correctly in the form:


Value is stored in the table correctly as well.

Hi @kest874,

Check if the expression bound to Value property refers to a single value and not array since you can choose only single item with radio button list.

That maybe the issue, how do I specify the ValueProperty as an expression? int he screen capture above the fivesaudit.sort2problems in the "Value" is a single Int. The ValueProperty I just put 'Value' to get it working, in which it does. It just doesn't render in the IDE correctly.

ValueProperty should be the property name that will be used to get the value from the list of values. You cannot use expression for this.

Did I miss a step to get the single value? I simply set the data to the ProblemChoices property I set above. The value is bound to a DB table.

Possible to provide a quick example as to how it should be setup. Its working correctly when I run it it's just an ugly mess in the IDE.

Ah I see! We will do our best to fix our designer in such scenario.

Awesome thanks, it looks like this just for reference:



Confirming this is fixed in 2.66.1:

You guys are awesome!

Unfortunately we had to revert this fix :disappointed:, we will do our best to provide better early next week.

No problem I'm working around the issue. Should I downgrade?

We reverted the fix in just released Radzen 2.66.2, if you want you can stop the auto update to prevent upgrade.

:+1: That works, I'll just check for .3 next week no big deal. Thanks for your support!

Hi @kest874 ,

You can use new List<KeyValuePair<string, object>> instead new [] until we find a way to support this. For example:

This works fine, I will use it that way. You can back burner the fix for more important things.