Is the datagrid fetching all data everytime?

We're using RadzenGrid and in our log-file, we see full SELECT statements on filling the datagrid on page load and every time again when changing the page or the filter.

Is this the expected behavior? I would think it would call a TOP 10 SELECT on init, because I've enabled paging and use OFFSET and FETCH when I move to another page.
Also using a filter doesn't change the query.

At this moment I've implemented the datagrid for a small table, but I'm planning on using it on a table with a lot of rows.

And when all data needs to be fetched, why not use that data to filter, page or sort instead of going back to the database everytime?

If the grid is bound to IQueryable and the paging is turned on only current page data will be retrieved with sorting, filtering and paging applied server-side.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I had a look at a second datagrid I'm using and that one is working as you describe and how I would expect it.
The only difference is that I use a custom filter to be able to filter on an enum. I'm using an example found here on the forum.
When I change Data="@(getClients)" to Data="@(getClients).Where(e => currentStatus < 0 || e.DatabaseStatus == currentStatus)" it seems to be no longer an IQueryable.

How to use a custom query and IQueryable?

Maybe if you add AsQueryable() at the end will work.

I tried that, but not the expected result.
I see full SELECT statements again.
Don't you have a working example on custom filtering?

Or perhaps in the near future you are planning to create the filters when an enum is used, like you do now with the string, int and date values?

Custom filtering with enum definitely cannot be applied server-side