Is it possible to create a SaaS app with this tool?

I’m new using the tool and I’m considering buying Radzen Professional but my requirements are to create a SaaS.

Can it be created?
Thank you.

Hi @Jesus_Verduzco,

This largely depends on your requirements. What will your SaaS application need in terms of features?

It is a mechanic workshop administrator. maximum 10 simultaneous users per client. a simple CRUD of orders and status as well as comments.

What I don’t know how to do is to create a main role for when the client registers as a workshop administrator.

And of course to process payments with Stripe.

Do you need to create that role at runtime? If yes - you can use the ASP.NET Core Identity API to create roles - check the RoleManager class. The generated application has some code that does role management in ApplicationRolesController.cs. Otherwise you can run the Radzen app in debug mode where you can use the built-in debug account and create whatever roles you want.

We haven’t tested Stripe integration. Perhaps this Stackoverflow answer would help.

Thank you, I will do tests.
For now the tool is working for me, it is excellent.
Congratulations on your product.

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