Is it posible to change scheduler languaje and date format?

i believe that this can be accomplished with the Locale property, but it's not working for me..
<RadzenScheduler @ref="scheduler" style="height: 768px;" TItem="Turno"
Data="@turnos" StartProperty="Start" EndProperty="End"
thank you..

Hi @martha_argerich,

The Blazor scheduler does not have a Locale property. You need to change the current dotnet culture and the Scheduler will pick it up for week start, day and month names.

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thank you . the date format and name of the days is correct now. but i can't change the buttons name?. i tried this and doesn't work:

<RadzenDayView Text="DIA"></RadzenDayView>
<RadzenWeekView  Text="SEMANA"></RadzenWeekView> 
<RadzenMonthView   Text="MES"></RadzenMonthView>

This should have worked however there was an issue. I've fixed the bug now - please try the latest version of Radzen.Blazor - 2.10.22

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It works now. thanks!