Invoke Data Source Method Bug

Not a major issue, but I thought I'd make you aware. If you invoke a datasource and set a property to the results. And then go back later and change the datasource and try to reset property to the new datasource, it stays with the old datasource object. I even deleted the property, then reset the same property name to the result and the object still shows as the old datasource object.
I've attached two screenshots, the first you can see that the object doesn't match the new datasource in this property. The second screenshot shows a new property and it finds the correct object

Indeed Radzen keeps the existing type in case you want to set the same property elsewhere (to avoid manually entering the type again). We can probably add a button to "infer" the new type. Logging it in our backlog.

I vote for the "infer" Button. i have the same here. Deleting the data source method means deleting all dependent entries and define them again after inserting the new data source method. thats annoying :wink: