Infinite loop in RadzenGrid when RowSelect is specified

Thank you for providing the link to pricing.

I am currently evaluating radzen components if we use them in our projects - and if we purchase the license.

But the problem I found seems like a bug in Radzen and not like a support how to use Radzen components. So maybe it would be also in your interest to figure it out :wink:.

I did a deep investigation on my site to find circumstances and to extract the minimal code to reproduce the problem. The result is I have a visual studio project containing a simple code consisting only from radzen components which can be easily executed - so if you are interested you can conveniently find if there is a bug in your code and improve your product if needed. (Especially if a similar problem was already reported and your answer was you are not able to reproduce it :wink: .(Grid RowSelect event stuck in a loop)).