Infer Schema Changes Data Model

This has happened a couple times where I have built some pages using a particular data model that Radzen set up when I added a new data source by using Infer Schema. At a later point we decided that we need a new field and/or table and so we add them to the database. I go back to the data sources and Infer Schema again, select the new field(s) and table(s), after which point some of my pages break - it seems they can't find the new schema/data model. Is this the correct technique for adding fields/tables?

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Yes, this is the correct way to update the schema however if you have other changes they will be inferred as well. If the change is in a method for example that is executed by some page you will break the application.

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I'd have to pipe in here and say that Radzen does seem extremely sensitive with this, seemingly breaking the app when non-intrusive changes such as adding a column to a table are made. Much more so than LightSwitch. I'd written about this before and @korchev had asked me to demonstrate it, and I haven't had time to play with it yet. One thing I've learned the hard way - always backup before ANY schema changes. And, I'm getting good enough now that I can pour through the generated code and figure out what happened and usually fix it.

Hopefully, I can run some tests soon and see if its just me, or not.