Incorrect(?) name generation in RadzenTemplateForm

I've created Blazor app with a few "DataGrid with Form" pages, bounded to an MS SQL tables.
Most are fine, but after adding last page and running a project, i've got some errors for that page .razor file:
"CS 0103", telling that "The name "licModelsAppLicDataLicenseIssued" does not exist in current context".
Trying to understand what's going on, I've opened .razor file for that page, and did some search for the name.

In a row with the RadzenTemplateForm tag I've found string
"<RadzenTemplateForm Data="@ licModelsAppLicDataLicenseIssued.icenseissued" TItem="Lic.Models.AppLic.DataLicenseIssued" Visible="@(licModelsAppLicDataLicenseIssued.icenseissued != null)" Submit="@ Form0Submit">

For some reason, name licModelsAppLicDataLicenseIssued got suffix .icenseissued
Same change occured in that block 6 times

Can you give an advice please, why such change happening?
For other pages, names in RadzenTemplateForm tag doesn't have any suffixes.
What should be corrected in code to prevent this?
Thank you!

Made some investigation
Seems like Radzen doesn't like string "Data" in MS SQL table names
Changed MS SQL table name "Data_License_Issued" --> "Data_Issued", and got similar change in name:

<RadzenTemplateForm TItem="AppLic.Models.AppLicAccounting.DataIssued" Data="@ appLicModelsAppLicAccountingDataIssued.ssued" Visible="@(appLicModelsAppLicAccountingDataIssued.ssued != null)" Submit="@ Form0Submit">

Other table names like "License_Issued" or "Abcd_Efgh" didn't make any troubles.

Thanks for the report! We will do our best to provide fix for this next week.

Hmm... tried both names and everything worked normally:

The only difference i can see - on my page "form" part placed at right
(Tried to create page with "form" at bottom - same error)

Here are screens from my app
Sadly, didn't know how to change language of errors generated by dotnet, but error code (i've gooogled its meaning) and variable name are clear...

Sorry, can put only one image in a post



Thanks! I was able to reproduce it. Fix is expected next week.