In line editing in the Blazor Data grid

How do you use the in line editing in the Blazor Data grid. I'm not seeing anything in the properties to implement this.


You can check:

I've got the same question about inline editing, the demo doesn't highlight how it can be applied with the Radzen application itself, are there any further instructions on how to implement this within the software?

Hi @Chris_Buckmaster,

You can use the template from Pages -> New Page.

Hi @enchev

I have tried using the 'DataGrid InLine Edit' template but I cannot see the edit button as shown in the demo displaying in the data grid? Do I need to do anything further or should it be available?

What’s your data source? If it’s some SQL database check if you have primary key for the table.

It is a SQL Server table but it doesn't have a primary key, presumably that is the issue then?

Yes. No CRUD for tables without primary keys.

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