Implicit camelCase conversion of datagrid component name

Reproducing the issue: rename your datagrid component in Radzen from the default name (e.g. datagrid0)
to a name starting with upper-case, e.g. AttachmentsDataGrid. If you check your .razor file afterwards, the name of the component will be in camelCase (here in my case, but it will be at least starting with a lower case character):

This will cause the error: error CS0103: The name 'AttachmentsDataGrid' does not exist in the current context [....csproj]
If you want to call any functions, like Reload() for this component.
Workaround: only use lower case names :wink:

Thanks for the report! We will include fix for this in our next update before the end of this week.

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Hi @rene,

Unfortunately we will unable to provide support for this since it will be a breaking change. If we stop to auto convert the name to camel case all places where @ref is used might become invalid.

I see. It could break peoples implementations now. :thinking: You could force the camel case in the Radzen UI, so the user will never use a name, that cannot be used as a reference in his C# code. Or add a tool tip, that one should start the name with a lower case character. Just some ideas. I mean its not a blocker at all, just good to know. Maybe just add a comment to the error message "(name references are supposed to start with lower case)".