Idea: optionally create server tier for non-SQL data sources

SQL data sources generate a .NET server tier to expose the database via OData. Non-SQL data sources do not generate the server tier.

It would be nice to have the ability to optionally create a server tier for non-SQL data sources. This would allow a middle-tier where we could use partial methods to customize the CRUD methods like so:

Thanks for listening

Would such a server-tier act as a proxy to the actual REST API? I wonder what is the best place to configure the server-tier requirement in Radzen as we haven’t thought of that.

Reposting some text from another thread cuz it's relevant here:

Enabling cross-data source relationships between entities in disparate data sources is a potential benefit of generating a single server tier for every app. The server is like a middle tier that mashes any number of disparate data sources exposing them as one OData service and making a place for common serverside business logic.

In that way, LIghtSwitch was useful for generating the OData service and backend logic alone even without the UI.

What was always missing from LS, and contributed to its downfall IMHO, was the fact that the build and gen templates were a black box - never made available to users. Radzen’s simplicity in the use of swagger for meta and .ejs for generation could change that and open your awesome tool to community contribution making the horizon endless. Thanks for listening.