IDE Seems Very Slow

I am trying to start a project in Blazor using Core 3.1. I have been frustrated by the speed of the RadZen IDE. Switching between objects is painfully slow. Almost to the point where its unusable for me.

When I move between items in the property window it can take 10 or more seconds to complete. For example moving from row to datagrid objects.

I am using current version of RadZen, running on a Win 10, 12mb ram, i7 on a ssd drive. It should not be hardware. Other dev tools such as Visual Studio do not have the lag time.

The project is running against a SQLServer db, containing around 50 tables, and corresponding number of crud forms

Any suggestions as to cause and a solution?

Hi @John_Willems,

The behavior you are experiencing is definitely not normal! Moving between items should be nearly instantaneous let alone take 10 seconds. Probably something in your application revealed a performance bottleneck in Radzen. Could you zip the entire project and send it over to Delete the server\bin and server\obj directories to keep the file smaller. Once we have it we will troubleshoot and see what is making Radzen so slow.

We got your project over email and found what is causing the delay. It is the number of columns and the associated property grid controls that are created. A solution to this is to change the way columns are configured. We will implement it in a way similar to this:

We have implemented this improvement in the latest Radzen version. Column editing is now in a separate window.