IDE Error editing an action

Hi guys.

I have a page with a big form and in load event I have many actions. One of actions is a Set Property with an object set with this values

"name": "mapa",
"type": "set",
"value": "${{Posicion:0, Proceso:'', Owner:'', Objetivo:'', Area:'',Producto:'', Centrales:[], Apoyos:[],Relacionados:[], Habilitadores:[]}}"

(extracted from page.json).

When I tried to edit the value using IDE, the IDE hang and don't react, after a few minutes screen change to all closed and only menu is showed but IDE become unresponsive allowing only close it.

I edited the set value using VS code in page.json and save it. Now, when I try to open the page in IDE, message is thrown:

In log.txt file correspond to:

[2019-05-18 12:16:48.866] [error] SyntaxError: Unexpected token  in JSON at position 0
at JSON.parse ()
at C:\Program Files\Radzen\resources\app.asar\static\main.js:1:31673
at r (C:\Program Files\Radzen\resources\app.asar\static\main.js:1:198105)
at Generator._invoke (C:\Program Files\Radzen\resources\app.asar\static\main.js:1:199225)
at Generator.e.(anonymous function) [as next] (C:\Program Files\Radzen\resources\app.asar\static\main.js:1:198284)
at r (C:\Program Files\Radzen\resources\app.asar\static\main.js:1:30026)
at C:\Program Files\Radzen\resources\app.asar\static\main.js:1:30120

Could I recover the page? A lot of work is in it.
What the cause of this kind of error?

Thanks for your help.

It seems that you inserted invalid JSON in that page. You can check here for example:

If you use source control you can simply discard your changes to recover the page.

That's not the problem.


I’ll check your page and if there is a problem with Radzen we will release fix!

I created a new blank page, and copied the components from json to json file. Next I deleted the problematic page and all work fine now.
I shared a link to old page if you want to see it in case of something is wrong.


Hi Carlos,

This page file was saved with BOM which is invalid JSON character.

From the next version Radzen will strip automatically BOM if available, thanks for the report!

Best Regards,