I18n "removal" from project. Canity be done?

Old prototype that had some problems with dual-culture tryout, needs to return to single culture app, or betteer "no culture"" app, just a single depleyed application.

Can it be done? can we merge the 2 culture xlf files somehow -probably with some tool?- to qchieeve what we need?

In reality we had aan application with 2 cultures --Greek=default, English-USA the other one.
When deployed for test in Azure last spring, for some reason it always started up in the english-USA culture and not the default so it was left aside.

Most of the app is already translated in the Greek part, some of it remains inside the english vculture file.
Is there any hint/how-to to assist in somehow "unifying: the 3 files in \client\src\i18n so the application compiles and runs without errors?


Hi @GregMu,

To the best of our knowledge there is no tool that will automatically merge the xlf files for you. To disable localization simply go to the application settings in Radzen and remove all cultures. Then Radzen will no longer generate and process xlf files and you can translate your application by editing the property values in Radzen.

So it is "delete and start from scratch", right?
Thnx @korchev