HtmlEditor image upload null IFormFile


I have an issue with the HtmlEditor. I cannot get it to upload images. It keeps sending null to my controller.
Here is my editor code:

<RadzenHtmlEditor @bind-Value=@BindingValue style="min-height: 300px; height: 900px;" UploadUrl="api/media/saveimage">
    <RadzenHtmlEditorUndo />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorRedo />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorSeparator />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorBold />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorItalic />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorUnderline />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorStrikeThrough />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorSeparator />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorAlignLeft />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorAlignCenter />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorAlignRight />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorJustify />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorSeparator />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorIndent />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorOutdent />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorUnorderedList />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorOrderedList />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorSeparator />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorColor />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorBackground />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorRemoveFormat />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorSeparator />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorSubscript />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorSuperscript />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorSeparator />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorLink />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorUnlink />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorImage />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorFontName />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorFontSize />
    <RadzenHtmlEditorFormatBlock />

And here is the controller method:

        [Authorize(Policy = Policies.AdminMvcUser)]
        public async Task<IActionResult> SaveMedia(IFormFile? uploadFiles)
                if (uploadFiles is null)
                    return BadRequest("Ingen fil fundet");

                var memoryStream = new MemoryStream();
                await uploadFiles.CopyToAsync(memoryStream);
                var filesCount = Request.Form.Files.Count;
                if (Request.ContentType is not null && !Request.ContentType.StartsWith(MultipartContentType))
                    return BadRequest("Contenttype er ikke korrekt");

                if (filesCount == 0)
                    return BadRequest("Ingen fil fundet");

                // Get HTTP posted file based on the fieldname. 

                // Check if the file is valid.
                if (!Check(uploadFiles.FileName, uploadFiles.ContentType))
                    return BadRequest("Fil ikke gyldig");

                var medie = new Medie
                    Name = uploadFiles.FileName.Trim('\"'),
                    ParentId = _imageService.TempFolderGuid,
                    ContentLength = uploadFiles.Length,
                    Content = memoryStream.ToArray()

                    var imageId = await _imageService.Medier_InsertMedie(medie);

                    Response.Headers.Add("itemLocation", imageId.Id.ToString());
                    var url = $"api/images/{imageId.Id.ToString()}.jpg";
                    return Ok(new {Url = url});
                    return BadRequest("Kunne ikke gemme billede");
                return StatusCode(500);

It hits the controller. But the IFormFile input is null, so it always enter the first if check

Hi @Christian_Andersen,

Can you reproduce this in our demo? We have not heard of this problem before.

The demo you have on Free Blazor Components | 60+ controls by Radzen works.
I'm on .net 6 rc-1. could that have anything to do with it ?

It's working now. Changing the input name to file, and making it non-nullable did the trick. (The rename of the input might not matter)