How use relative url in HMTL component?

Hi, I have a HTML component that load a object:

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If I use the absolute url with host name that object is loaded correctly.

If I use relative link, so the content is available on remote client also:

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the object isn't load.


Is it an HTML object? Can you provide more info/example?

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Hi, the url aim to an html page that is showed inside in RADZEN page. This happen only with absolute url.

Excuse me, I see now that in the start message are not visible the examples, I try put they here (change <> with - to avoid html parsing):


"-object data="http://localhost:8885/swmbot/chatbot1.html" width="100%" height="100%" type="text/html"-
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not ok:

"-object data="http://:8885/swmbot/chatbot1.html" width="100%" height="100%" type="text/html"-
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This is not valid URL. The relative link should be data="swmbot/chatbot1.html" in my opinion.

But, if the page is served from another server with different port on the same machine?