How to sort short date string in RadzenDataGridColumn?

I want to display datetime as only date and only way to achieve this using ShortDateString but then if i do this, Sorting is not working, it interprets as string rather than date. I have tried using FormatString but it didnt help. How can i tell the column as values are date and sort should happen for date not string?

 <RadzenDataGridColumn TItem="DataDto" Property="From" Title=@Localize["Start"] Sortable=true FormatString="date">
                    <Template Context="data">
                        @DateTime.ParseExact(data.From,"dd.MM.yyyy", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).ToShortDateString()

Sorting works with data directly (your From property) not with what’s displayed in the template.

ok but From property is string as datetime format. is it possible to tell that property type is datetime without changing the actual model? FormatString="date" i have tried but it didnt help me

This is used for rendering purposes only and it’s not related to data. You can extend your model with additional DateTime property in a partial class.