How to set DropDownDataGrid and Datepicker to null based on a bool value


As the topic suggests I'm trying to set the value of some dropdowndatagrids and datepicker fields to null when a bool value is false. I have checkboxes which makes certain panels visible if checked, my problem is that if these panels are made invisible (checkboxes set to false) the values in the invisible panels still remain. For textboxes I have managed to fix the issue with the following expression in the value property:
${table.column1 ? table.column2 : null}.
This does not work for datepicker or dropdowndatagrid however. If there's a smooth way to solve this in Radzen I would be really grateful :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Hi @RIProG ,

You can assign a Page property for Value and set this page property to null when the CheckBox value is changed (Change event).

Thanks for the response @enchev, I'll look in to it. I need the Value-property for saving to db when the panel is visible.