How to remove rz-footer from the RadzenLayout

Hello there,
I'm working on a blazor WASM webapp and using Radzen for the GUI.
This is a prototype of the homepage:

As you can see the sidebar is not reaching the bottom of the screen as I would expect.
I suppose the problem is related to the rz-footer of the default rz-layout.
I've tried to remove the last row by adding this block to my custom css:

.rz-layout {
    grid-template-rows: auto auto !important;
        "rz-header rz-header"
        "rz-sidebar rz-body" !important;

But the rz-layout grid still contain the footer row.
How can I remove the footer row?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @Temozat,

Our layout demo shows how to achieve that.

one of the layout is what I was looking for. Now the only issue that i'm facing is to make a vertical scrollbar appear in the RadzenBody after resizing the window. I've tried to add:


both in the RadzenBody and in a inner div class, but that didn't work;

Our online demos have that enabled by default. For example here: Blazor DataGrid commponent with code-less paging, sorting and filtering of IQueryable data sources

I was having a similar issue where the page did not take 100% of the height of the page. This following worked for me based on your comment:

<RadzenLayout class="rz-shadow-3" style="overflow-y:auto;max-height:100%;">