How to remember RadzenGrid width after change the page?

In my project, I'm using Radzen Components for Blazor. To RadzenGrid I applied AllowColumnResize="true" property to be able to resize column with my mouse.

Is there any way to apply the column width that I applied using AllowColumnResize="true" everywhere in my grid?

The other problem is that - After I change the column width and navigate to second page for example and back to the first page - column width is default. Is there a method to memorize this?

My grid code:

                          AllowPaging="true" AllowSorting="true" AllowColumnResize="true" Data="@Data" TItem="ArticleVariantListModel"
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="ArticleVariantListModel" Property="Id" Title="Id" Width="70px" />
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="ArticleVariantListModel" Property="Name" Title="@Language.Name" Width="auto" />
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="ArticleVariantListModel" Property="Index" Title="@Language.Index" Width="auto" />
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="ArticleVariantListModel" Property="Barcode" Title="@Language.Barcode" />
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="ArticleVariantListModel" Property="ArticleCategory" Title="@Language.Category" />
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="ArticleVariantListModel" Property="Description" Title="@Language.Description" />
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="ArticleVariantListModel" Property="Variant" Title="@Language.Variant" />
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="ArticleVariantListModel" Property="Size" Title="@Language.Size" />
                        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="ArticleVariantListModel" Property="Price" Context="data" Title="@Language.Price">```

This is not supported out of the box from Radzen.

A very basic example of what you can do is when you change the column width save the width value of the column in the Local storage or Session storage.

Then when you load your grid you also load the values from the Storage and apply the values to the grid.

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Thank you for an answer.
Is there any example of how to save the value into Local storage?