How to Navigate back to the previous filtered datagrid page

I'm using Blazor server (no API). I use RadzenDataGrid to display the data and use FilterMode.Simple for users to find their interesting rows. After the user enter a value on search box, select a row to see its details, then click "Back" button to navigate back to the previous page where he/she had the filtered grid before. However, when get back the filter now is lost, but the whole data list (no filtered) is displayed again. I need to let the users see the list with filtered data as he/she left it (before going to details page).

I'm new to Radzen Blazor so hope someone please give me a small working example so I can learn and follow. Thank you in advance.

As I replied to your email you should save the entered text in a variable (most probably global since it should be available across navigation between pages) and later use it to apply filter using FilterValue of the column as shown in our demos. Have you tried that?