How to migrate from the Blazor web application to .net maui blazer

Hello, I am a developer who is developing a web application with Blazor.
I am currently developing a web application with .net8.0 after upgrading from .net 5.0 to 2022. Is it possible to migrate the web application to the .net Maui Blazer project
If possible, I would like to know how to do it.
When using related modules such as cshtml, mvc, RazorPage, etc
Migration is slow as it is understood that there is no runtime pack to run web applications for Android-arm64. I want to know how to fix this.

Unfortunately I’m not sure what is the question. Please use some translate service and post in English.

I'm using .net 8 App in RBS, I want to convert this app into MAUI, How can I in RBS?

Radzen Blazor Studio does not provide such a feature.