How to make Breadcrumbs

I was just looking into using the Radzen Blazor components, but somehow I am missing a Breadcrumb component. Is there simple work around to get breadcrumbs?

Hi @KurtP,

I’m afraid that we don’t have such component - maybe you can use simple for loop with links.

Thanks for the quick reply. I guess I will try the NavLink class then.

Dear Radzen Team,

I upgrade my Radzen.Blazor to version 3.18.1 via nugut manager in order to use the latest BreadCrumb Component. When I add the component to my razor page, I am missing the double chevron right arrorw. It looks like I am missing the styling classes as well. Any input will be appreciated it.

Thank you,


Try refreshing your browser and or clearing its cache. The styling is defined in the CSS theme.

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