How to change the installation directory

When installing Radze Blazor Studio (for Windows), the installer does not offer to select a disk or directory.
OK, is there any way I can change this after installation? Will it be sufficient to copy the contents of the directory "C:\Program Files\Radzen Blazor Studio" to another location and recreate the icon on the desktop, or do you need some additional actions (editing the registry, editing files in the user directory, etc.)?

You can try moving the directory. It should probably work. Not sure about uninstalling or automatic updates though.

Yes, it seems to be working. But it would still be more correct to suggest (as an option) to specify the desired directory directly during installation, as other programs (for Windows) do

We just released 1.0.9 that allows you to pick installation mode (per user or for all users) and also choose the installation directory.

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Thanks. This is the first time I've seen a company that fixes flaws so quickly, even though I'm not even a professional user. It's a pleasure doing business with you.

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