How to change Language on Popup Filter within datgrid columns

Hi, is there a way to change the language (including choices in the dropdowns and the text's buttons) in the standard filter popup called in the radzen datagrid ?


Hi @olefevre,

There are various string properties that can be set:

Hi enchev,
Thanks for your reply, but i'm affraid i don't know how to set this properties from within my blazor code .
Do you have any samples?

You set them as any other property of any other component.

<RadzenDataGrid OrOperatorText="Or"

thanx it works like a charm !
Is there a way to do it more globally rather than doing it in each RadzenDatagrid ?

No, at the moment there isn't. You can create your own wrapper of RadzenDataGrid if you want that.


Well I was wondering the same thing, and what I did was create a Class that inherits from RadzenDataGrid. I then created an empty constructor and then inherited form the base() constructor. After that I just set the values. For example I translated to spanish:

be sure to include the following usings

using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components;
using Radzen.Blazor;

this is the sample class

public class RadzenDataGridApp<TItem> : RadzenDataGrid<TItem>
        public RadzenDataGridApp() : base()

            base.AndOperatorText = "Y";
            base.EqualsText = "Igual a";
            base.NotEqualsText = "No es igual a";
            base.LessThanText = "Menor qué";
            base.LessThanOrEqualsText = "Menor que o igual";
            base.GreaterThanText = "Mayor qué";
            base.GreaterThanOrEqualsText = "Mayor que o Igual";
            base.IsNullText = "Es nulo";
            base.IsNotNullText = "No es nulo";
            base.AndOperatorText = "Y";
            base.OrOperatorText = "O";
            base.ContainsText = "Contiene";
            base.DoesNotContainText = "No Contiene";
            base.StartsWithText = "Inicia Con";
            base.EndsWithText = "Termina Con";
            base.ClearFilterText = "Limpiar";
            base.ApplyFilterText = "Aplicar";
            base.FilterText = "Filtrar";

I forgot to add this. When you add the component to your page you need to add it as so:


instead of

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