Hotelapp using blazor webassembly in yoruba part 1

Video Timeline
08:12-Database Creation
15:24-Installation and Activation of Radzen Blazor Studio Trial Edition
21:53-Creation of New Blazor Web Assembly Application Using Radzen Blazor Studio
25:16- How to create and trust ASP.NET Development Certificate
30:15- Run newly created app for the first time
31:49-Explanation of frontend and backend
33:26-Addition of new empty page to our Blazor Web Assembly Application
34:47-Explanation of MainLayout a shared component
35:42-Replacing RADZEN logo with Custom Application Logo on MainLayout.
38:05-Deletion of Second Page
38:56-Connection of application SQL SERVER database to ASP.NET Core Backend Project and
46:00- Scaffold of CRUD pages for City entity
48:01- Removal of Second Page navigation link from MainLayout
48:42- Open application in Visual Studio 2022 and remove all Etag references from City CRUD pages
59:29- Demonstration of export to Excel feature
1:00:01-Demonstration on how to add a new City
1:00:22-Demonstration of search city by cityname
1:00:27-Demonstration of how to edit a city
1:00:59-Demonstration of how to delete a city
1:01:54- Enable ASP.NET Core Identity Authentication and Authorization Scheme
1:09:05- Customize LoginLayout
1:10:11-Demonstrate how to run Blazor Assembly Web App in Visual Studio 2022
1:12:16-Login to app using the development credentials of admin as username and admin as password
1:12:47-Demonstration of generated sign up page
1:13:51-Consultation of RADZEN documentation page on how to add new properties to ApplicationUser class
1:15:59- First time examination of tables generated to handle security (authentication and authorization)
1:17:22- Add a partial class file for ApplicationUser class and add FirstName,LastName and MobileNumber properties to it.
1:20:52- Add a partial class definition for ConDataContext