Highlight dropdown when tabbing in form

I have an application that a user will tab between fields for data entry. Text boxes indicate when they have focus. Is there a way to better indicate when dropdown boxes have focus?

Sure, we will add that with the next Radzen release due later today.

I’ve downloaded and run the new release. I like the highlight when a dropdown has focus. Thanks.

It doesn't look like this functionality made it into the latest builds.
Dropdowns are not highlighted when tab is used.
Could you please confirm?

I am trying to use RadzenRequiredValidator on a TextBox type of field.
It works as expected but only if the text box has the green outline.
To get it to have green outline, user has to enter some value first and empty it.
Then if they tab out or hit enter, the message appears. This is with Radzen 3.18.8 version, the latest.
Any ideas ? Thanks in advance.