Height of the area below Radzen Category Axis


I used code from this forum to rotate category titles so it doesn't overlap but it show only part of the title. Is it possible to set the height of the area below the category axis? I put RadzenChart component in the div, set the height css property and overflow property to visible for rz-chart css category. Now my problem is that long titles exceed the div area, because of the value of the overflow property, and it would be better to set some height of area category axis even thought I wouldn't see the entire long title.

You can set everything you want with CSS - in a way similar to setting overflow to visible.


thank you for your reply. I tried setting height for rz-category-axis css class but that didn't work.

.rz-category-axis {

I am not sure what you are trying to achieve. Perhaps a few screenshots would help us better understand your goal.