Has DialogServices changed pluming in the last few releases?


I'm really enjoying the very well build suite of components, so thanks you so much for shareing!

I have a problem with the DialogService. No modal windows is made and no errors.

I don't think I have changed anything that should break this, but I have updated the Nuget.

So have you changed anything in that regard in the last few releases?

Best Christian

Hi @cdu,

We haven't changed our demos as well - you can check this example for more info:

Make sure also you have RadzenDialog defined in your application layout:

Thanks @enchev for the incredible fast response :slight_smile:

Well the reason was some strange async problem in my code that failed completly silent.
So the Blazor page that should open could actually not render.

After I fixed that everything works just fine!

Again thank you so much!!!

Best Christian