Grid, dropdown and numeric box


Two days this and can't get my head around it.

I have 2 tables.
Table 1 has an id (idQuestion) and question (question). Table 2 has an id (idAnswer), the reference to the question (questionRef = idQuestion), a number of possible answers (Answer) and a score (Score) for each one.

What I would like to get is:

  • a data grid where I have the list of questions and next to it an edited template with a dropdown showing the list of possible answers,
  • aside from the grid, a numeric box showing the score of the answer.

I tried to get as much information as I could from the forum and YouTube videos but never managed to get something to work (not even mentioning changing the code itself which is beyond my capacity).

What would be the most basic way to achieve this.

Thank you very much


Hi @FredK_Trashmail,

Sounds like Radzen template DataGrid with Form:

The TemplateForm is bound to DataGrid selected item:

From a binding perspective that is similar. Yet, any possibility to have a DataGrid with one column being the Product and the next column showing a dropdown with e.g. Orders + the template form showing e.g. quantity ?

Like in inline edit demo?

You can define the same in column Template instead of column EditTemplate.

Yes if Customer and Employee are from two different tables linked by a foreign key

a data form is probably the closest. I can remove anything but question in the grid but so far I cannot get away from having a line per possible answer. in the TemplateForm, I do not need the question but want the answer as a dropbox.

I hope it makes things clearer.

If I tinker a bit with the dropdown, I get:

I guess I am not too far and provided I can get rid of the multiple versions of the question in the DataGrid, I am good.

TextProperty is the property name that should be used to display a text for each Answer. Same applies for ValueProperty.

Thank you Vladimir