Grid based on view linked to a updateable form based on table

I'm new to RadZen so sorry if this is a silly question.

I want a single page where there's a grid at the top. The grid is based on a view. Below it is a form based on a table. On row selection, in the top grid, the form stays in sync. The form can then update data.

I can see how to do it on tables, but not when linking from a view to a table.

Sorry again, if this is already covered, but I couldn't see it.


Hi Colin,

No matter where the data are coming from for the Form the important part is what method will be executed on Form Submit event. Radzen generates UpdateXXX for every table with entity as argument. If you have this entity in the Form you can invoke UpdateXXX data source method.

Best Regards,

Great thanks, I've got the join working.