GetXByid 2 level Relationship Issue


I have an issue with a for where I use the crud generated page that has a 2 level relationship:

FiveSAudit has a relationship to Users which then has a relationship to Employee.

In the IDE you can see this when you enter the the variable:

The issue is that at runtime the 2nd level relationship isn't added causing a error. Watching the Output window the query to get the FiveSAudit is missing the join to the Employee table.

Note. that if I use a normal invoke with an expand using User,User.Employee the relationship works and I do not get an error.

The default CRUD Pages template will include only first level relationships in $expand parameter, if you need more levels expanded you can modify the $expand parameter in the database method invoke used to populate data.

Expand isn't a parameter option with getXByid:

Hmm .. yes, we added it to Blazor WebAssembly only recently. At the moment this is not possible in server Blazor for default database invoke methods and we will research if we can enable it in some of our next updates. Possible approach will be to use your own custom method.