Getting data to DataDrid

<RadzenDataGrid @ref="resultados" Data=query TItem="Filtros.Models.Server.VRptResult" LoadData="@ResultadosLoadData">
I have this datagrid header and this variable string query="getVRptResultsResult.Where(s=>(s.Prova.Contains(sexCheckVar)) && (s.Escalao.Contains(escCheckVar)) && (s.Disciplina.Contains(discCheckVar)) && (s.groupName==secCheckVar) && (s.Equip.Contains(equipaVar))).Take(qtdAmostra)";
but when i use it as a string radzen gives an error

But if i just use this linq query it works, the problem is that i need a second query so i need a variable

is there any way someone can be usefull?