From .net core 2.1 to core 3.1

I have an old radzen applications running .net core 2.1.
When I open it in a New version of Radzen with .net core 3.1, the old application does not update 2.1 to core 3.1. Do I need to do something special for it to be upgraded?

With best regards

Carsten Gissel

Hi @Carsten_Gissel,

Migrating between .NET Core 2.x and .NET Core 3.1 is not automatic. If you do not have any custom code you can:

  • delete entire server folder
  • change serverVersion to 3 in meta/app.json
  • run the application from Radzen

If you have any custom code in partial classes you remove it temporary from the app server folder, perform the required steps and bring back the custom partial classes - you might need to modify them to run properly in .NET Core 3.1.