Form not posting results when lookup is changed to multiple

Again, i hope that this isnt me missing the obvious :slight_smile:

I taken the standard Add page that has been created by Radzen and thought it would be cool if i could have one of the two text boxes on the form use a lookup. This is easy to do and works brilliantly by changing the type from Text to Lookup and then choosing your dataset and then the text and value fields. I then noticed the multiple check box which then allows you to select more than one result; again, brilliant! However, for some reason nothing is posted through on submit of the form if you select multiple.

Please help


as an FYI here are the screenshots from Before and After adding the Multi with Fiddler watching the traffic.


This also applies even if you only select the same one thing when multiple is checked.

Hi @Otis,

You are right - at the moment Radzen doesn’t handle the described use case. We have it logged in our TODO list.