Fixed height for RadzenDataGrid, last record border-bottom


In my Blazor application I want to have a fixed height for the RadzenDataGrid, in case I do not have enough records to fill the whole height, the last record does not have a bottom border. Is there a solution for this?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi @M_K,

You can use the following style to add the bottom border to the last row:

.rz-grid-table tr:last-child > td {
    border-bottom: var(--rz-grid-bottom-cell-border);
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Have in mind that you will see double border when you scroll to the bottom of the grid if you add it via the CSS that @yordanov suggested. This is the reason the last record doesn't have a border by default.


@yordanov It works. Thank you for the solution.

@korchev I have taken note of this :slight_smile: