Filtering Radzen Grid by multi select dropdown list

I followed the example on the Blazor Demonstration site to implement a drop down list filtering by values in an enum. I need to switch that to a multi select drop down. I've set Multiple="true" on me template but I can't work out what the expression should be.

<RadzenGridColumn TItem="ResourceViewModel" Property="ResourceType" Title="Resource Type">
        @*<RadzenDropDown @bind-Value="@_currentResourceType" TextProperty="Text" ValueProperty="Value" Style="width:100%"
                        Data="@(Enum.GetValues(typeof(ResourceType)).Cast<ResourceType>().Select(t => new { Text = t, Value = t }))" />*@

        <RadzenDropDown @bind-Value="@_currentResourceType" TextProperty="Text" ValueProperty="Value" Style="width:100%" Multiple="true"
                        Data="@()" />


Anyone have any ideas

You can check the application in this thread:

Awesome thanks. I couldn't get it running locally but with a little effort paying attention to the bind-Value and Data attributes I was able to tweak my backing variable and LINQ expression and it's now working.

One small thing I noticed though is that the "all" toggle button which is auto generated above the list items isn't "de"-selecting all items. It only selects all items which seems to not align with expectations based on typical UIs I've used in the past. If that could be resolved then it would be perfect.

For the moment though I can close off my user story so thanks so much!