Filtering DataGrid column by range

I'm trying to filter DataGrid by range of values in one column. I added DataGrid, added two textboxes debljinaOd (eng. thicknessFrom) and debljinaDo (eng. thicknessTo). Column in DataGrid that I'm trying to filter is Debljina (eng. Thickness). I added button and defined onClick event and executed this.grid0.callLoadData(). Button reloads DataGrid.

I followed this tutorial:
and created custom filter but if I set DataGrid filter to ${this.filter(event.filter)} it gives me error and if I set filter to ${event.filter} then I don't get any errors but DataGrid reloads but not filters.

Column that I'm trying to filter contains only numbers.

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Not sure what may have gone wrong. You can check with your Browser developer tools what HTTP requests are being made. Also look for any JS errors.