Filter Presets

In most Radzen pages, there is a data grid with several columns for displaying lists of data. The data grid has very powerful filtering, sorting and grouping options.

To address certain business use cases, the end user will configure the filters, groupings and sortings of columns to make the data appear in the desired way. However, configuring these settings can be quite time consuming, especially on complex configurations (if there are more than just one "view" configuration the user wants to apply!).

First question: Is there a way to save and restore the current filter/grouping/sorting settings of a data grid? It would be cool if one could just import/export these settings e.g. as a JSON object. I have not seen anything like that when browsing the APIs. Maybe I overlooked something? If not, would you consider this as a feature request?

Second question: Even, if this feature does not exist yet, what would be the best way to achieve something similar - at least for applying certain "view" configurations: e.g., I could imagine to have a row of buttons above the data grid which, when clicked, apply certain, predefined sorting, filtering and grouping settings. How would this be done best? Using the Execute C# action with a custom method that modifies the data grid control properties?

There is no such feature available out-of-the-box.

This depends entirely on the developer and the users that are using the application. We cannot recommend something since there is no unified way for such functionality.