FileInput NullReferenceException

I'm following the complete application tutorial. When I add the FileInput to the Profile Page and run the application, it throws a NullReferenceException. If I remove the bind-Value property the page loads successfully.

Here is the row with the FileInput component.

            <RadzenColumn Size="12" SizeMD="3">
                <RadzenLabel Component="FileInput1" style="width: 100%" Text="Picture"></RadzenLabel>
            <RadzenColumn Size="12" SizeMD="9">
                <RadzenFileInput style="display: block" @bind-Value="@user.Password" Name="FileInput1" Title="User's Picture" ChooseText="Choose a picture" Placeholder="" TValue="string" />
                <RadzenRequiredValidator Component="FileInput1" style="position: absolute" Text="Picture is required"></RadzenRequiredValidator>


It seems that the user property is not being updated before the page is rendered. The tutorial should probably include instructions to hide the form until the user is available.

                  Data="@user" Submit="@TemplateForm0Submit"  
                  Visible="@(user != null)">

Although this is part of our code example, you are right, we should state it explicitly in the tutorial: