File Upload problems after a publish

So I am uploading files to the wwwroot directory for the server and storing a pointer file in the database with the name and location of the files. What I noticed is that after a publish it has wiped out all of the sub-folders and files that have been uploaded. Is this an issue with the publish itself? Is there a way to exclude those sub-directories and files from being deleted? I am tring to figure out what happened to the attachments and that is the only thing I can think of and the timeline matches.


Are you doing IIS deploy from Radzen? If this is the case you can deploy to ZIP and extract the content manually.

We will do our best to provide option to skip additional files and folders on our deploy screen.

Yes I was doing a direct deploy to IIS from Radzen.

Hi @joshwilliam,

We've added new option in just released Radzen 2.15.2 to enable/disabled removing of additional files when deploying to IIS:

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