Field Length from Database and Input

Hello Radzen team,
Radzen does not check the length of fields from Database during input?

Nummer is nvarchar(6), NummerTeil2 nvarchar(2) und NummerTeil1und2 nvarchar(9)

I can input much more characters. No Hint for the User whats going wrong. Only "Unable to create Artikel".
Thats a serious problem. A User never knows how many characters can be saved in a database column.
Anything wrong with my App or a missing feature?

Kind Regards

Hi Thomas,

This is indeed missing feature and we will our best to add it as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

Hi Vladimir,
thats good news!
Thank you!

Best way is of course to not let the user input more characters as defined in the database as default behaviour. (copy & paste can be problematic!?)
But may be there are some circumstances where less or more characters will be allowed for an input field.
So a new property (default db length) for input length seems to be desirable.
What do other devs here think?

Kind Regards

I'm posting here just for reference.

Form fields maxLength from database added in Radzen 2.0.4: